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Another year is upon us and its cold here in Chicago.  Many of us scuba divers are looking at magazines, looking for travel deals and talking to other scuba divers about the next diving destination.  We can almost taste the warm atmosphere.

For most of us, life gets in the way.  Chasing the kids, family commitments and work deadlines are keeping us out of the water.   Almost like one long surface interval.

We develop motor skills to accomplish a task.  If we go several weeks, or longer, we lose some of the skills and accuracy.  Everyone knows there is an inherent risk in scuba diving.  Once you master the skills, scuba diving is a very safe sport activity.  If we haven’t practiced those skills in a while, potentially safety concerns can arise.

This is why every year, unless you are scuba diving every few months or logging 50 plus dives throughout the year, you should sign up for a scuba review with a certified scuba instructor.

They will walk you through:

  • Safe diving practices
  • Dive planning fundamentals
  • Skills review
  • Industry updates

The scuba review class will increase your confidence and your comfort level.  This will allow you to continue to enjoy scuba diving through out the year and travel destinations.

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